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Notice: Our next "General Membership" meeting on Thursday, June 19, 2014 is cancelled. Instead, we will have our installation of officers at 5:00 p.m. on June 14. 
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Words to ponder...
The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten.
We, the citizens of the United States of America, remember and honor our men and women in uniform. As they have been our lifeline, so shall we be theirs!

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Number of veterans in Phoenix who waited longer than six (6) months to get an appointment to see their primary doctors.
Source: Veteran Administration's Office of Inspector General Preliminary Report.

From the Website Administrator:
Barb and I just returned from a tour of some of the southwestern states and found a huge issue to unfold during our stay in Arizona. The issue was about veterans not receiving medical care from the VA Hospital in Phoenix in a timely manner. I would like to share some findings as a result of this capturing my attention. 

On May 29th, USA TODAY printed an article outlining part of the Inspector General's Preliminary Report. The reviews have occurred at a growing number of VA medical facilities and have thus far provided insight into the current extent of these inappropriate scheduling issues throughout the VA health care system. They have confirmed that inappropriate scheduling practices are widespread according to the report. Investigators of the Inspector General's Office also said their probe into charges of delays in health care at the VA hospital in Phoenix showed that the care of patients was compromised.

The investigation outlined in the report found that 1,700 veterans who are patients at the Phoenix hospital are not on any official list awaiting appointments, even though they need to see doctors. "These veterans were and continue to be at risk of being forgotten or lost in the Phoenix hospital's convoluted scheduling process. As a result, these veterans may never obtain a requested or required clinical appointment," the report said.

The Inspector General's Office now said it is working with the Justice Department to determine whether crimes occurred in how patients were handled. The American Legion also called for criminal investigations at VA. As a result, reaction was swift, with calls for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign, this time from Representative Jeff Miller, R-Florida, who is Chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Committed and Senator John McCain, R-Arizona. "It's time for Shinseki to go," Miller said.

One of the strongest reactions came from Senator Patty Murray, D-Washington, a member of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, who said Shinseki must immediately "put an end to what appears to be a pervasive culture of lying, cheating and mismanagement" at the VA. Meanwhile, the following actions have now occurred:

* President Obama was briefed on the findings and found them "extremely troubling."
* The American Legion called for criminal investigations at the VA.
* The American Legion is setting up a phone bank for VA questions. The Legion will be available via phone to answer questions from Department of Veterans' Affairs health care users, June 10 - 13.

According to our National Website, The American Legion is sending a team of experts to Phoenix next week to set up a Veteran's Crisis Command Center to help veterans and their families affected by the health care scandal at the Phoenix VA Health Care System. A "triage team" will be on site at the American Legion Post 1 in Phoenix to identify problems of those who visit the center, then direct them to the appropriate stations on site at the post for benefit claims, enrollment and bereavement counseling. At the same time, four dedicated phone lines will be available for veterans to call in. The lines will be available:

June 10: noon - 8 p.m.
June 11: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
June 12: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
June 13: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

        Phone Numbers:
        (602) 315-3179
        (602) 315-6489
        (602) 315-6195
        (602) 315-4576

It is with special hopes that every veteran and their family who has suffered herewith will be made whole. As so eloquently stated above, the nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten. Let this never happen on our watch.

Thank you to all who actively serve or support The American Legion. Our VA benefits would not be possible without you. We continue to watch over and ensure continuation of such benefits and to find ways to improve the services of our VA.

Bob Naffier


1st        Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm

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8th        Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm

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14th      Installation of Officers 5:00pm
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15th      Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm

17th      Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am

19th      No Membership Meeting - Changed to
             0614/14 for Installation of Officers

22nd    Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm

23rd    VFW Meeting 6:30pm

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1st    Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am

2nd   Set up for Corn Roast 9:00am - meet at post

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4th    Corn Roast 9am - 9pm

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18th-20th  State Convention in Appleton, WI   ​

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Urgently needed items. The Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative is an organization founded by veterans for veterans. They are a tax exempt, non-profit, non-stock charitable organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Wisconsin. Our tax deductible donated items are their lifeblood. The services they provide are life-changing for the veterans they serve. Read more about this very important organization.
MacArthur Memorial Week.
Coming June 3 -7, 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Events Commemorating the 35th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Statue of General Douglas MacArthur and the 50th Anniversary of the General's Death. Read more...
Installation of Officers
June 14th, 2014 at 5:00pm

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Notice: Installation of Officers will be on June 14 starting at 5:00pm. Dinner to follow for $10 per person. Please join us!
News Flash!
Is Phoenix the only health care system involved in this enormous scandal?     NO!

Fortunately, Wisconsin is not. However, these observations were noted on our National American Legion Website regarding some of the facilities that were affected:

Cheyenne, WY 
MAY 9, 2014
A VA employee is put on leave when an email surfaces on CBS News detailing specific instructions for “gaming the system” to “get off the bad boys list.” The employee is placed on suspension in May, when the story breaks, but another whistle blower in the Cheyenne office notes VA’s Office of the Special Counsel was informed of the situation in December 2013, five months before VA responed to the accusations. 

Ft. Collins, CO
MAY 2014
As mentioned in the Texas allegations, employees in Ft. Collins were directed to manipulate the books to cnceal evidence of lengthy wait times for appointments.

Albuquerque, NM 
MAY 18, 2014
According to a doctor at the center, veterans with serious heart conditions, gangrene and even brain tumors waited months for care at the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center.  

Austin and San Antonio, TX 
MAY 8, 2014
A former staff member for VA is quoted in the Austin American Statesman accusing supervisors of forcing concealment of long wait times by manipulating the scheduling system. The alleged falsication is said to have occurred in locations in Austin and the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System in San Antonio.

St. Louis, MO  
May 12, 2014
​Former St. Louis VA Chief of Psychiatry alleges that he was demoted for trying to improve productivity, prompting an investigation.

Chicago, IL  
May 13, 2014
A VA social worker details on CBS News how scheduling wait times are manipulated in order to protect pay bonuses.

Jackson, MS
January 2014
Multiple whistleblower complaints range from misdiagnosis of fatal illnesses to improper sterilization of instruments and failures in hospital management practices. After nearly 70% turnover in management, slow progress is now being made.

Atlanta, GA
January 2014​
Despite four preventable patient deaths, three of
which were linked to widespread mismanagement, medical center director received $65,000 in bonuses over four years over the protest of The American Legion and local veterans.

Burlington, VT
May 14, 2014
Veteran suffering from PTSD dies in incident with son after long struggle to receive care from VA, frustrated by being shuttled between multiple counselors with maddening wait times.

Pittsburgh, PA
November 2013
Persistent management failures lead to a deadly Legionella outbreak that kills at least 6 veterans and harms over 20 more. The manager in charge of oversight escapes discipline and collects a $63,000 bonus over Legion protests.

Charleston, W. VA
May 19
A doctor employed at the Huntington VAMC from 2008 to 2010 claims she was told to put patients seeking treatment off for months on end – and that at least two of them committed suicide.

Columbia, SC
April 2014
Six patient deaths linked to delayed screenings for colorectal cancer, investigation revealed the facility had only used ¼ of the $1 million in funding they had been given specifically to eliminate the backlog in screenings over the course of the year.

Durham, NC
MAY 12, 2014
Two Durham VA Medical Center employees are put on administrative leave pending review of “inappropriate scheduling practices” sometime between 2009 and 2012.

Augusta, GA
March 2014,
Delayed gastrointestinal consults result in at least seven veterans adversely affected by the delays in care.

Gainesville, GA
May 20
An audit team sent to the Malcom Randall VAMC discovered a list of patients needing follow-up appointments that was kept on paper
instead of in VA's electronic system.

Restoring a System Worth Saving
The American Legion still believes that veterans deserve the specialized care they receive at VA Medical Facilities. We are actively pursuing initiatives to help rebuild both the health care system and the trust of the veterans they serve.
Appreciation to those who served on D-Day. 
We thank you for your sacrifices that have resulted in our freedom. You will never be forgotten!