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Notice: Our next "General Membership" meeting is on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 7:00pm. 
(The General Membership meets the 
3rd Thursday of every month)
(No meeting in July or August)
Thank you for visiting us!

Notice: Our Firing Squad will be meeting in the Legion Hall on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 7:00pm.
(Meets the 2nd Thursday of every other month except no meeting is held in July or August. Instead, we meet in May and June, then take the summer off)
Our Meeting Schedule!
Notice: Our Executive Committee will meet in the Squad Bay at the post on Thursday, Nov 6, 2014 at 7:00pm.
(Always meets the 1st Thursday of every month)
Thank you for serving!


1st    Vietnam Vets Meeting 6:30pm

2nd   Executive Board Meeting 7:00pm
         MCL - Badger Detachment 7:30pm

4th    Firing Squad Picnic 12:30 at Post 416

5th    Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm
         for Firing Squad

7th    Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am
         for Firing Squad

8th    Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am

13th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm

15th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am

16th  General Membership Meeting 7:00 pm

18th-20th  State Convention in Appleton, WI   ​

20th   Bingo in Memorial Hall, 6:00pm

22nd   Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am

27th   Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm

Urgently needed items. The Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative is an organization founded by veterans for veterans. They are a tax exempt, non-profit, non-stock charitable organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Wisconsin. Our tax deductible donated items are their lifeblood. The services they provide are life-changing for the veterans they serve. Read more about this very important organization.
Other News!
In The News!
Help Wanted!
Photographer and/or writer.
No pay, but lots of fun. Meet lots of people. Show your talent.
Ask for Bob Naffier
A message to all of our readers about Personal Security.
"Security." This is one of those words that put you on the alert...whether you want to be there or not. But let's face it. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In these days and these times, you have to be cautious. 

Coming up very shortly are some ideas and pointers recently published by our local police departments. Wait til you see what they have to say! For those of you who were in Security in the military, this will come a second nature.
Things We Do

Midwinter Conference 2015!
Midwinter Conference Sweepstakes!
Hawaiian Vacation! $10,000 Vehicle Allowance from Boucher!  
New 2015 Vehicle!  $20,000 Cash!
55" Big Screen TV! New Hunting Rifle! 
Grand Prize is your choice of $20,000 cash* or a 2015 Vehicle* from Boucher Automotive Group. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. See our official rules at  

The drawing will be held at 7:00 pm on Saturday, January 17th, 2015 at the Department Midwinter Conference at the Ho-Chunk Casino Hotel & Convention Center in Baraboo, Wisconsin. You need not be present to win.

Grand Prize: $20,000 Cash* or a 2015 Vehicle*
2nd Prize: $10,000 vehicle allowance from Boucher*
3rd Prize: $5,000 or a trip to Hawaii*
4th Prize: $2,500 or hunting rifle*
5th Prize: $1,000 or big screen TV*

* Subject to Federal Tax withholding. Some restrictions apply.

Our programs which assist veterans in Wisconsin are dependent on your donations. Your donation will help support our Rehabilitation Fund which provides funding for Camp American Legion, the State Service Office and our hospital programs. Although a donation is not required to enter or win the sweepstakes, we encourage you to support The American Legion by making a small donation.

We are asking for donations of $5 per entry, 6 entries for $20 and 12 entries for $30. Entry forms need to be returned as soon as possible, but no later than January 14th, 2015. Print your name, address, (or use a return address label) and phone number on each form. Please check with your local American Legion Post or contact Sandy Ryce at 608-745-1090 for entry forms. You may also contact Sandy at
Interested in becoming a cameraman or woman who can get some great shots or videos of some of the events that go on? Are you interested in journalism? Getting out there and getting the story? It's easy, just ask questions! 

It's impossible for me to be at two events at one time to get these shots. Where will the pics appear? Right here on the website. It's just a matter of getting the material. We're looking for excitement, human interest stories, and you name it. I can accept any kind of photo media, but I'm best at using digital pictures such as the ones you might capture on your digital camera or phone. Just get the action shots and call me at 414-520-0538. I'll work with you on how to transfer the pics and stories to me electronically or we can meet and I'll pick them up. What the heck. We can even visit over a cup of coffee at some restaurant...I'll buy!

Thanks for your help! Give me a call if you have any questions.
Bob Naffier
Website Administrator
I want to welcome Dan Crass as an Associate Website Administrator. Dan is a member of our post at Greendale American Legion Post 416 and he is on the Firing Squad. He is also familiar with website design, development, production and so on. Thank you Dan and welcome aboard! You can tell I'm a Navy man.

On that note, if anyone is interested in learning website design, etc., call me at 414-520-0538 or see me around the post. It's a great way to add to your repertoire of knowledge and ability and it's free. No one is too young or too old to learn it and it can really be a lot of fun if you have the right teacher. I'm the right teacher. Give me a call! Bob Naffier.
This Just In!
 Message #2:
                                        Every now and then you hear a story from someone that goes right                                           to the heart. The kind that reflects what is genuinely the feeling  of                                         America. This story is from a man who has special ties to Greendale, 
                                        Wisconsin. He is not only proud of where he lives, but he is a man of                                           integrity who has a deep appreciation and love for those who served.                                         He is especially proud of his family who served and sacrificed so much;                                         these are the people who made this country possible. 

                                        As you read his message, you will come to know a man who deserves                                         his own respect. He is a hero. He loves his country, and is not afraid to                                         show it. He is not afraid to show how to honor those who have                                         sacrificed so much for him and all people. He is the type of person who                                         makes every veteran feel that their sacrifice was worth it.                                         Because of this man and the many millions of people like him, veterans                                         remain proud to serve their country and are honored to sacrifice their                                         lives for those who truly appreciate it.  

                        So here is Tim Seipel. He is one voice. Thank you Tim! 
From the Editor:
Right now activities are happening so fast and messages are coming in so rapidly that the best way to communicate them through this website is to give you a special link via the below messages. So below, please see the messages from Jay Chadwick who sits on the Memorial Committee and Tim Seipel, a concerned and very active citizen of Greendale. Thank you gentlemen for your input and extremely helpful information. 
Message #1:
We just received this message recently from Jay Chadwick, Committee Member on the Greendale Veteran's Memorial Committee. It contains valuable information you must read now. Please press here for the full message. 
Thank you for your attention.
Bob Naffier on October 20, 2014
Matthew and Tim Seipel
Whenever someone asks, "What does The American Legion do?"; tell them to take a look at this!
Men of Courage from all branches of service. All of them are Men of Honor; found here at the site where the beautiful veteran's memorial was to be placed in honor of the many heroes like them who lost their lives for us. This memorial is the pinnacle of Greendale's existence in a free land, a crown jewel in the middle of a free nation and attraction for those who wish to honor the sacrifices made by others. What a place of pride and great significance for those of us in Greendale, Wisconsin!. 
OK! Time's Up!

It's time for you to join The American Legion right now. I do not mean for you to just think about it. I mean for you to DO IT! Do IT NOW! 

If you were in active duty in the military service even for one day during a wartime period, it's time you get active with one of the largest and most important organizations ever Chartered by the Congress of the United States of America. You owe it to your country, you owe it to yourself and you owe it to the people you love. 

Today are all kinds of veterans. There are those who, maybe like yourself, may not be rich or famous, but you are alive, you are doing well, and you have the ability to do something. There are also those who volunteered to serve their country and have been so embattled, so hurt, and so injured, and now so displaced, that it seems like there is no salvation for them. When you agreed in your military oath to "Never leave a man behind," we know you meant what you said and so did we. That is what makes us and me. We know what people have been through. We know their pain and discomfort. We know that in a war zone we would have picked up that individual, thrown him over our shoulders, and run like HELL to save his life and ours. We would have packed his wounds with anything to stop the bleeding, and we would have splinted up his broken bones with a stick and torn strips of clothing or anything else we could find! We would have done what ever it takes to save that man's life so he could get back to his family...the people who love him and the people who are waiting for him. He may live out the rest of his days in remembrance of those who never made it, but he will live out his life in freedom with his family.

The American Legion is filled with people who have done many heroic things. Some talk about it and others never talk about it at all. It is something unique between us that no one else will ever know. It makes a special bond between us.

So, get active with The American Legion NOW! Your time is not over for serving this country! You belong here and you owe it to your destiny to be all you can be. JOIN NOW! I'm serious!  Call our 1st Vice Commander, or call our Post Commander, or call me, I don't care. But call one us!
Also contact the Department of Wisconsin American Legion Headquarters. Don't wait even one more minute...DO IT...DO IT RIGHT NOW!

Your contacts are:
1st Vice Commander, Bob Zolandz, USMC: Mobile: 414-421-5394
Me, Bob Naffer, U.S. Navy: Mobile: 414-520-0538
Tim Baranzyk, Commander, USMC: Mobile: 414-628-7081
Or ask anyone of our members.

Also go online at: They have an application form, so do we. With us you have somebody personally you can talk to. We'll brief you on what's going on.
The School Board will be meeting in the Library at Greendale High School on Monday, October 27, 2014 at 7:00 pm.

The address is:
Greendale High School
6801 Southway
Greendale, Wisconsin 53129
Phone: 414-423-0110
We are asking the school board to reconsider their 3-2 vote to deny our local veterans access to a remote parcel of land to build a veteran's memorial. The property has been vacant for 75 years.
Please be there!
The Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Legion Auxiliary present:

2014 National Veterans
Creative Arts Festival

Sunday, November 2, 2014
To reserve your FREE tickets now call
Milwaukee Theatre
500 W Kilbourn Avenue 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Art Exhibit: Noon * Stage Show: 2 pm

Right this way folks!
If you want to see something really worth your while, attend this festival. This is professional and semi-professional art work and stage show performances all under one roof. All the artists and stars are veterans and this event will make your day. Very much worth it!