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Notice: Our next "General Membership" meeting is on Thursday, November 19th at 7:00pm. 
(The General Membership meets the 
3rd Thursday of every month)
(No meeting in July or August)
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Notice: Our Firing Squad will be meeting in the Legion Hall on Thursday, January 14th at 7:00pm.
(Meets the 2nd Thursday of every other month except no meeting is held in July or August. Instead, we meet in May and June, then take the summer off)
Our Meeting Schedule!
Notice: Our Executive Committee will meet in the Squad Bay at the post on Thursday, December 3rd at 7:00pm.
(Always meets the 1st Thursday of every month)


1st    Executive Board Meeting, 7:00pm

1st    MCL Badger Detachment, 7:30pm

4th    Bingo in Memorial Hall, 6:00pm for 
         Firing Squad

6th    Bingo in Memorial Hall, 9:30am for
         Firing Squad

8th    SAL Meeting, 7:30pm

11th  Bingo in Memorial Hall, 6:00pm for 

13th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for the

15th  Post General Membership Meeting,
​         7:00pm

17th  Blood Drive, 8:00pm - 2:00pm
18th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm for 

20th  Bingo in Memorial Hall, 9:45am for
         Firing Squad

20th  DAV Meeting, 3:00pm

21st  4th District Meeting at Post 416,  

25th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm for the

26th  VFW Meeting

27th Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for the
        Firing Squad

27th  40/8 Meeting, 7:00pm
Things We Do
Whenever someone asks, "What does The American Legion do?" tell them to take a look at this!
Stories worth sharing rarely begin with, "So...we decided to stay home."
Located at 6351 W. Grange Avenue, Greendale, WI 53129
Call 414-421-3371.

1st    Bingo in Memorial Hall, 6:00 pm for
         Firing Squad

3rd    Bingo in Memorial Hall, 9:45am for
         Firing Squad

4th   Vietnam Vets Meeting, 6:30 pm

5th    Executive Board Meeting, 7:00pm

5th    MCL-Badger Detachment, 7:30pm

8th    Bingo in Memorial Hall, 6:00pm for

10th  Bingo in Memorial Hall, 9:45am for
         Firing Squad

12th  Firing Squad Meeting, 7:00pm

12th  SAL Meeting, 7:30pm

15th  Bingo in Memorial Hall, 6:00pm for

17th  Bingo in Memorial Hall, 9:45am for
         Firing Squad

17th  DAV Meeting, 3:00pm

18th  4th District Meeting at Post 120 in
         West Allis, 7:30pm

19th  General Membership Meeting,  

22nd  Bingo in Memorial Hall, 6:00pm for

23rd  VFW Meeting 6:30pm

24th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for
          Firing Squad

29th  Bingo in Memorial Hall, 6:00pm for
QUESTION: How many members are there in the Greendale American Legion Post 416?
A. 17
B. 138
C. 564
C. 564 truly fabulous members!
Thank you for serving!
Denise Rohan, Past State Commander for 
the Department of Wisconsin
Denise Rohan Runs for National Commander
What is the Legacy Scholarship Fund?
ANSWER: The Legacy Scholarship Fund is a very special fund that was created by The American Legion Riders. These motorcycle riders get together by the hundreds and ride from town to town across the United States, raising money to help pay for the college education of children who lost a parent while protecting our freedom. Many children have grown up without the benefit of both parents for this reason, thus making life difficult for them in many ways. They should never have to worry about how to pay for their education too. Enough. The American Legion Riders are known for their philosophy that, "We take care of our own."

We thank The American Legion Riders for your help and service to these exceptional kids! May God bless you and may God bless America. For more information about the Riders and what they do, please go to:
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-Leading Story-
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From the Editor:
The October 2015 issue of The American Legion Magazine for a strong America featured an amazing article about Noah Galloway. Galloway, a Legion member of The American Legion Post 911 in Birmingham, Alabama, overcame severe war injuries and depression to re-embrace fitness, dance with the stars and inspire America.

On the night of December 19, 2005, Galloway told his commanding officer that he would drive the lead truck in the Triangle of Death. That led to an explosion that took his left arm and left leg and landed him in a depressive state. The following is quoted from the magazine article written by Henry Howard: 

Wearing his night-vision goggles, Galloway did not see the tripwire strewn across the road as the three-truck convoy headed out to pick up other platoon members. The blast flipped his armored Humvee into a ditch. "I never saw it" recalls Galloway. "Lt Eidson said that before it went off, he saw a bush that was out of place for a second, then boom! It went off. It hit my door and threw my 9,000 pound Humvee flying through the air and landing in a canal adjacent to the road. The water was up to my chest. I had a huge hole in my jaw. They thought I was already dead."

The amazing thing is that Galloway shielded Eidson and gunner, Ryan Davis, who each suffered minor injuries. Eidson surveyed the scene, saw that Galloway was still breathing, and scrambled back up the 15-foot slippery slope to the road for help. The accompanying Humvees had sped past the kill zone following protocol to leave the scene after an IED explosion. "They blew through the smoke and didn't see the truck and assumed that we did the same and hauled butt," Eidson remembers. "They didn't know we were stuck down in the canal, so I got out and didn't see anybody."

After checking on Galloway again and getting Davis out, Eidson returned to the lonely road. His commander denied a request for a rescue convoy. Their only hope was for the other two Humvees to return. "Essentially we were just kind of just waiting for the moment for somebody to open fire since an ambush is usually associated with those types of explosions, but it didn't happen," Eidson says. "Honestly, I prayed. I prayed that God would send somebody to come and help us. I don't believe it was a coincidence, but after I said that prayer those guys came back in the trucks and were able to get us out."

We could go on with the rest of this story, but you'll have to read the article yourself. If you are an American Legion member, then you already have the magazine in your home. If not, go to and request a copy of the October 2015 issue of The American Legion Magazine. The bottom line is that Galloway miraculously survived, managed to get through all the problems associated with losing parts of his body, and went on to inspire America. If you saw him on the TV show, "Dancing With The Stars," then you know him. He went on to win the hearts of America, courageously dancing with his partner with one missing leg and one missing arm.

A very big "thank you" goes to every veteran who ever sacrificed something to help guarantee our freedom. There's never enough that can be said to express the gratitude for such a heroic act. Best wishes to you always from a fellow veteran who cares!
Thank you!
Bob Naffier
The National Committee of The American Legion has determined that they need to increase our annual dues by $5.00. As a courtesy to all our current members, this raise will not apply to anyone who pays their dues by the end of the year. Please save yourself $5.00 by sending in your dues now! After 12/31/2015, your membership at Post 416 is $35.00.

Questions? Call Bob Zolandz, your friendly 1st Vice Commander, at 414-421-5394. 
This is "Be kind to Bob" week.
Fisher House Is Scheduled To Open In Early 2016

It's amazing how fast time has flown since the ground breaking at Fisher House on the VA Hospital grounds. Officials believe the $6.2 million facility will open in early 2016. "This has been a major project, but one that is worth while" said Curtiss S. Peck, Director of Fisher House Wisconsin. "There are 64 Fisher Houses in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany and this will be a welcomed addition here in Milwaukee" he continued.

The VA Hospital on West National Avenue serves veterans from 22 states and families who are visiting their loved one while they are hospitalized need a place to stay. With the addition of the new Spinal Injury Unit at the hospital, patients tend to be hospitalized for longer periods. Visitors come from miles around and sleep in their cars on the hospital grounds because the cost to stay in a hotel for such a long duration is prohibitive.

Mr. Peck said it is very interesting how the Fisher House Foundation works. The Federal Government gives them a piece of land near the hospital complex and the Foundation builds a Fisher House for less money than the government could. Once the construction of the house is completed, the property is turned back over to the government thus costing no money to the taxpayer. "It's a really good deal for everyone," said Mr. Peck. "The Fisher House Foundation raises the money to build the house and then gives the house to the government", Peck said. "What's more, the administrative overhead cost of raising the money is only 4%, which covers the cost of advertising, wages and benefits and so on. That means that 96% of all donations goes into building the house."

The Better Business Bureau says that any 501C non-profit organization that reports an administrative overhead cost of say 40% should raise a flag for anyone wanting to contribute money. Start up costs for any organization are usually higher in the beginning, but then they should taper off as time goes by. If they don't, then the organization is in the business of jobs more than benefiting someone. That puts Fisher House in a very positive light with its 4% administrative costs. If you are thinking of donating to an organization, you can get the facts about their administrative costs by checking with the Internal Revenue Service online and reviewing their Form 990. This form is required to be submitted yearly. If the organization hasn't filed their Form 990 every year, think twice.

People interested in making a contribution to the Fisher House can do so in a number of ways. Financial donations can be made directly to Fisher House of Wisconsin online or by mail. In addition, visitor overflows need to be put up in hotels until an opening occurs at the Fisher House. People can donate their accumulated hotel points by contacting the company that manages the points and telling them that you want to donate your points to the Fisher House through the Hotels for Heroes Program. "We will be exploring a relationship with one or more local hotels to help us during times when demand is greater than our capacity. Depending on how the budget and our arrangements with local hotels work out, the family may need to share in covering the cost of the hotel room or maybe the foundation will be able to pay the whole charge. We don't know how all that is going to work out yet," said Curtiss Peck.

Another way people can help is to donate their frequent flier miles from the airlines through the Hero Miles Program. "All fallen soldiers get sent to the Military Mortuary at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware," said Mr. Peck. "The Fisher House Foundation pays for family members to fly to Dover to receive their fallen loved one. The family never has to pay for their transportation to do so. We take care of that cost and then we put them up at the Fisher House located at Dover if they need a place to stay," he continued. 

If you are a member of an organization and are reading this, please know that anyone of the board members of the Wisconsin Fisher House is willing to come to your General Membership Meeting to make a presentation about the program. One member just picked up a donation today for five thousand dollars and another for one hundred dollars. "Both are very important to us," said Curtiss Peck. Note: The American Legion Post 416 donates to Fisher House Wisconsin.

For more information about the Fisher House on the Milwaukee VA Hospital grounds, call Curtiss Peck at 414-241-2400 or write to him at He is a member of The American Legion and The American Legion Riders. He is also a board member of Fisher House Wisconsin, Inc. You can also visit Fisher House Wisconsin at thank Curtiss Peck for his services.

Oratorical Contest!
Coming Soon
And Here Every Year

We do things to support kids. That's one of the four pillars of The American Legion. It's called Children and Youth. Under that program we sponsor kids' baseball teams, scouting, shooting sports and all kinds of other projects. Add to that another pillar that we call, "Americanism," and you have quite a big deal. I'm talking about the Oratorical Contest for kids. The rules for the contest are published annually and the oration must be on some aspect of the Constitution, with emphasis on a citizen's duties and obligations to our government.  

These high school students can win scholarships to an accredited college of their choice and they can do it just by speaking. That's right! The American Legion helps pay for college through scholarships. By competing with other students and giving the perfect oration, they can help themselves gain better knowledge about our Constitution while getting help with school. That's it! So if you know of a high school student or a home schooled high school student who would like to participate in this wonderful contest, talk to Tim Baranzyk, Commander of our post. He will steer you in the right direction. We think of things this way...if we invest in our kids, we we invest in a strong America; the same America we committed ourselves to protect. Thank you!
USS Milwaukee

November 21, 2015 marked an important date for the people of Milwaukee, the state of Wisconsin, and the entire country. On this fall day, the United States Ship Milwaukee was commissioned into active duty. Naval officers and sailors eagerly ran up several gangways to occupy this latest of combat ships, formally placing her in service.

Praised by U.S. Navy brass as a versatile, innovative part of defending the freedom of the seas, the USS Milwaukee has now reported for duty.
The littoral combat ship (LCS 5), was commissioned at a Saturday ceremony on Lake Michigan at Milwaukee's Veterans Park. An estimated 4,000 attendees turned out on a snowy, windy day with temperatures in the 20s.

The USS Milwaukee and other littoral combat ships bring "incredible change to our Navy," Commander Kendall Bridgewater, the ship's commanding officer, told the crowd. The littoral combat ships can operate much closer to shore and sail at faster speeds than other vessels. The USS Milwaukee operates efficiently in water levels of only 14 feet deep. That’s incredibly shallow for any ship. There's no propeller. Instead, the ship uses four water jets to travel at speeds up to 45 knots.The LCS is designed to quickly swap out combat modes for missions that include searching for underwater mines and battling other ships and submarines. Those features help ensure "an unimpeded flow of commerce" on the world's oceans, said Adm. Michelle Howard, vice chief of naval operations. 

"The USS Fort Worth, sister ship to the USS Milwaukee, is on duty in the South China Sea," said Rear Adm. Brian Antonio. "The USS Milwaukee will soon join Navy patrols in that disputed waterway," said Antonio, program executive officer of littoral combat ships. Ship-borne trade valued at $5 trillion passes annually through the South China Sea. "Like the USS Fort Worth, the USS Milwaukee represents the best of our nation and our Navy," he said.

So what does LCS actually stand for and what does it do?
LCS stands for Littoral Combat Ship. That means it can easily sail in the deepest of seas or navigate through what is called the “littoral zone.” The littoral zone is the part of a sea, lake or river that is close to the shore. That's what makes this ship versatile. Add to it the unpublicized capabilities of a United States combat ship and you have one very effective piece of equipment. 

“Littoral combat” is a term used in military and naval warfare. It refers to operations in and around the littoral zone, within a certain distance of shore, including surveillance, mine-clearing and support for landing operations and other types of combat shifting from water to ground, and back. The Littoral combat ship continues to be developed in a current U.S. Navy program to improve force maneuverability as well as to provide a platform for the deployment of small unmanned systems in littoral operations. There are seven other LCS vessels underway in the United States whose building is at various stages. We are proud to say that all of them are being built in Marinette, Wisconsin. If it was built in Wisconsin, you know it was built right.

We thank the builders, sponsors and crew members of the USS Milwaukee for making this commissioning possible. This is the fifth USS Milwaukee in the history of our great nation. May you always have smooth sailing and may you forever serve to protect the freedom of our waters while representing the people of Milwaukee and the United States of America. 
Anchors aweigh! 
-Photo by Laurie Knodl-
Left is Bob Naffier, Writer and Editor for the Greendale American Legion website and to your right is Bob Zolandz, Captain of the Firing Squad at Greendale American Legion Post 416. We were two out of 4,000 people who attended the commissioning.
-Photo by Bob Naffier-
The lineup of spectators was incredible. There were several lines like this. Everyone was required to present a ticket and photo ID and had to pass through metal detectors to get in.
The press was there to provide complete coverage and details about the event. There was a major amount of picture taking and reporting going on.
The Navy Department had its own photographers and reporters on hand. Everyone was busy getting just the right shots.
Spectators from all walks of life found their way here to gather and witness this very auspicious occasion.
Gangways like this were in place to receive the first crew of the 
USS Milwaukee.
Guarding each gangway were these wonderful people...the brave, well-trained and dedicated members of the crew. 
Halt! Who goes there?
Welcome to our ship, the USS Milwaukee! She is seaworthy and ready for tour. We wish her well and we wish her crew our very best as they sail out to protect us and the waters of the world. God be with you!
-Click on the above picture for more info-
The Honor Guard made its presence very obvious and well known. 
We pledge our allegiance.
The sign of Strength and Freedom is seen everywhere. This is our ship!
The officers and dignitaries are present to give their speech. "Little ducks. We are here to defend this country. We have a job to do. We will not back down!"
We salute the brave men and women of the USS Milwaukee.
Want to save yourself $5?
About The Legion!
Do you want to learn something about The American Legion? Do you want to be in on the ground floor of what's going on, what's in the works and where we are going?
The Mid Winter Conference is the place for you! It runs Friday through Sunday, January 15 - 17, 2016. And you don't have to stay all weekend or even over night. Simply drive up to Baraboo, Wisconsin (near Wisconsin Dells) for just one day. It's about 2.5 hours from Milwaukee and it's a beautiful drive. Registration is $25.00 for the whole weekend and the post will reimburse you for the registration fee. It doesn't get any better than that! Check with Dave Pier or Tim Baranzyk.

Should you decide to go, you will receive the latest information about the Wisconsin American Legion. You can pick and choose what you want to see and learn about!! It's a great way to enjoy the day and bring yourself up-to-date on the largest veterans organization in the world. Lots of people go. Click here for details. Then attend. It's yours for the taking! Have fun!!
Christmas Party!
'Tis the season and it's all going on at Post416. Your RSVP is required by December 1, 2015!!!!

Date of party: December 12, 2015
Cocktails start at 5:00pm
Dinner starts at 6:00pm

Cost per person - $20

Make your check payable and send to: 
Greendale Post 416
6351 W Grange Avenue
Greendale, Wisconsin 53129
Midwinter Conference
December 2nd is an important date according to Tim Baranzyk, Commander of Greendale American Legion Post 416. At 7:00 PM, officials will be gathering in Matusek Hall at the VA Medical Center to discuss something called EUL or "Enhanced Use Lease." It's a meeting to discuss the use and destiny of some of the old buildings on the VA grounds. The VA is looking to partner with some of the private businesses around town to revitalize and occupy these buildings. The VA does not have the money to fix them up and the buildings either need to be fixed up or they will fall apart. The VA is looking input from the general public, businesses and veterans on how the buildings could be used. The idea is to make sure veteran preference is considered in their use.

Plan to attend this important session to hear other peoples' ideas and offer your own suggestions. These are some great buildings with potential. They just need occupancy and TLC. Again, this meeting is at the VA Medical Center in Matusek Hall on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 7:00 PM. Please be there to hear some of the suggestions or offer some of your own.
The Milwaukee VA Women's Health Program is recruiting

Unfortunately, the Medical Center can feel unwelcoming or even outright intimidating to some women Veterans. We want to reach out to these Veterans and help make their experience more comfortable. We want to be sure that eligible women Veterans get the health care they have earned and deserve.

We are looking for female Volunteers who would be willing to meet Veteran patients at the Medical Center entrance and accompany them to their appointment. The Sister Assister would wait until the appointment is complete and then accompany the Veteran back to the Medical Center entrance.

If you think you might be interested or you know someone who might be interested in becoming a Sister Assister, please contact Jill Feldman, Women Veterans Program Manager for more information at 414-384-2000 or 1-888-469-6614. Ask for extension 41926. Volunteers must complete a background check and Voluntary Service orientation. Volunteers must be female. Military service is a plus. Thank you!