Greendale American Legion Post 416   6351 W. Grange Avenue, Greendale, WI  53129  Pho: 414-421-3371
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This page was last updated: August 10, 2015
Notice: Our next "General Membership" meeting is on Thursday, September 17th at 7:00pm. 
(The General Membership meets the 
3rd Thursday of every month)
(No meeting in July or August)
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Notice: Our Firing Squad will be meeting in the Legion Hall on Thursday, September 10th at 7:00pm.
(Meets the 2nd Thursday of every other month except no meeting is held in July or August. Instead, we meet in May and June, then take the summer off)
Our Meeting Schedule!
Notice: Our Executive Committee will meet in the Squad Bay at the post on Thursday, September 3rd at 7:00pm.
(Always meets the 1st Thursday of every month)


2nd   Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm for 
         Firing Squad

4th    Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for 
         Firing Squad

6th    Executive Board Meeting 7pm

6th    Set up for Greendale Village Days

7th    Corn Roast Village Days 4pm - 10pm

8th    Corn Roast Village Days 9am - 10pm

9th    Corn Roast Village Days 9am - 6pm

9th    Bingo in Memorial Hall 6pm for 40/8

10th  Clean up from Corn Roast 9am

11th Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for 
        Firing Squad

16th Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm for the

18th Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for 
        Firing Squad

18th DAV Meeting 3:00pm

23rd Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm for the

24th VFW Meeting

25th Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for the
        Firing Squad

30th Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm for the

Things We Do
Whenever someone asks, "What does The American Legion do?" tell them to take a look at this!
Stories worth sharing rarely begin with, "So...we decided to stay home."
Located at 6351 W. Grange Avenue, Greendale, WI 53129
Call 414-421-3371.
IN JULY 2015

1st    Set up for Corn Roast

         Vietnam Vets Chapter 1 meet 7:00pm

         Executive Board Meeting 7:00pm

2nd   Corn Roast 3pm - 10pm

3rd    Corn Roast 3pm - 10pm

4th    Corn Roast 9am - 9pm

5th    Clean up from Corn Roast

         Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm for
         Firing Squad

7th    Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for
         Firing Squad

12th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm for

14th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for
         Firing Squad

17th-19th  State Convention - Appleton

19th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm for

21st  Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for
         Firing Squad

26th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm for

27th  VFW Meeting 6:30pm

28th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am for
         Firing Squad

QUESTION: How many members are there in the Greendale American Legion Post 416?
A. 17
B. 138
C. 564
C. 564 truly fabulous members!
Thank you for serving!
Denise Rohan, Past State Commander for 
the Department of Wisconsin
Denise Rohan Runs for National Commander
What is the Legacy Scholarship Fund?
ANSWER: The Legacy Scholarship Fund is a very special fund that was created by The American Legion Riders. These motorcycle riders get together by the hundreds and ride from town to town across the United States, raising money to help pay for the college education of children who lost a parent while protecting our freedom. Many children have grown up without the benefit of both parents for this reason, thus making life difficult for them in many ways. They should never have to worry about how to pay for their education too. Enough. The American Legion Riders are known for their philosophy that, "We take care of our own."

We thank The American Legion Riders for your help and service to these exceptional kids! May God bless you and may God bless America. For more information about the Riders and what they do, please go to:
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Thank you for serving.
The members at Greendale Post 416 would like to congratulate our sponsored participant, Jacob Malinowski from Greendale, for being elected Governor of Boys State. Jacob is going on to join the distinguished members of Boys Nation, which involves all of the states at the National level. A former high school participant that was elected Governor of Boys State was Scott Walker, now Governor Walker of the great State of Wisconsin. We would like to especially recognize Jacob for this same great accomplishment at Boys State.

The American Legion prides itself in sponsoring high school boys who aspire to lead our country in some way. The Legion's goal is to help them by gaining real-life experience. If you think this program is small, guess again! Check out these pictures.
Badger Boys State Participant from Greendale Makes Governor!
Governor of Boys State, Jacob Malinowski, from Greendale, WI 
- Sponsored by Greendale American Legion Post 416-
Participants from around Wisconsin who attended Badger Boys State 2015 - Just a few!
​At the last assembly, awards were handed out for athletics, the staff was recognized for their commitment to the week, and the supreme court gave its decisions on cases. Here, citizens and counselors congratulated each other on a successful week at the final assembly. And with that, the 74th session of Badger Boys State is complete!
In The Headlines
Please Meet The
Department of Wisconsin President
Of The American Legion Auxiliary -
Laura Calteux
Laura Calteux was elected as Wisconsin’s American Legion Auxiliary President at the 95th Department Convention in Appleton, Wisconsin, on July 19, 2015. 
Not only is Laura the Department President in the Great State of Wisconsin, she is also the 1st Department President ever elected from Post 416 or more precisely, The Greendale American Legion Auxiliary Unit 416. The members of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary and The Sons of The American Legion congratulate her and wish her success over the next year. For some who may not know, Laura heads up all twelve Districts of Wisconsin in her new position, which covers 65,556 square miles in which to travel. She oversees twenty-seven committees, which include:                          
Auxiliary Emergency Fund
Badger State Girls
Bowling Tournament
Children and Youth
Community Services
Constitution and Bylaws
Junior Activities
M. Louise Wilson Loan Fund
National Security
Past Presidents Parley
Poppy Projects and Sales
Public Relations
Standing Rules
Strategic Planning
Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation
Services to Veterans
Hospital Volunteers
Homeless Women Veterans
The Christmas Shop
What is the American Legion Auxiliary?
In this world of ours, the American Legion Auxiliary shines as an example of unselfish giving. With almost a million members from all walks of life, the Auxiliary administers hundreds of volunteer programs, gives tens of thousands of hours to its communities and to veterans, and raises millions of dollars to support its own programs as well as other worthwhile charities familiar to most Americans. It is all accomplished with volunteers.


• To support The American Legion programs for veterans, young people,
   and community
• To provide for today's needs while being advocates for a brighter future
• To advance the understanding of patriotism and responsibility of 
• To promote individual integrity and family values
• To ensure as volunteers, that Auxiliary members continue to be the leaders
   in all that is good in this nation today, tomorrow and for generations to 
   come through serving others first and not self


1. Attract and retain professional, well-trained staff and leadership at a
    sufficient level to support our mission.
2. Have a knowledgeable, vibrant and engaged membership.
3. Have a diverse income stream to support our mission.
4. Effect a positive image of the ALA and its members.
5. Continually foster a positive relationship within The American Legion
6. Attract and retain a membership base of women from a variety of 
    communities and eligible groups.

President Laura Calteaux
Laura Calteaux's motto for 2015-2016 is, 
"Energize Our Programs. 
Be the Spark For Our Veterans."
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2015 Greendale Days is Big Hit!
Everyone enjoyed themselves as always...
We regret to inform you that the Sausage Fest Celebration held on South Kinnickinnic Ave in Bay View, Wisconsin has been cancelled for this year. Café Centraal informed us that they cancelled the event due to lack of sponsor support plus they are short on time to make this event happen. They are hoping to bring it back next year. Sausage Fest is known for being a fun place to be and has attracted quite a crowd in past years. The city closes off the street from all east/west traffic and the area becomes one big block party with all kinds of activities, great food, and drinks. We give Café Centraal our understanding and regards and hope to see this fun summertime event return. Thank you for everything you do not only for us, but your friends, your neighbors, and the entire community. We remain your loyal attendees.
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