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3rd Thursday of every month)
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Notice: Our Firing Squad will be meeting in the Legion Hall on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 7:00pm.
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Notice: Our Executive Committee will meet in the Squad Bay at the post on Thursday, Nov 6, 2014 at 7:00pm.
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1st    Vietnam Vets Meeting 6:30pm

2nd   Executive Board Meeting 7:00pm
         MCL - Badger Detachment 7:30pm

4th    Firing Squad Picnic 12:30 at Post 416

5th    Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm
         for Firing Squad

7th    Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am
         for Firing Squad

8th    Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am

13th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm

15th  Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am

16th  General Membership Meeting 7:00 pm

18th-20th  State Convention in Appleton, WI   ​

20th   Bingo in Memorial Hall, 6:00pm

22nd   Bingo in Memorial Hall 9:45am

27th   Bingo in Memorial Hall 6:00pm

Urgently needed items. The Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative is an organization founded by veterans for veterans. They are a tax exempt, non-profit, non-stock charitable organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Wisconsin. Our tax deductible donated items are their lifeblood. The services they provide are life-changing for the veterans they serve. Read more about this very important organization.
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Veteran's Memorial Committee Meeting at American Legion Post 416 More Like a Town Hall Meeting!
A message to all of our readers about Security.
"Security." It's one of those words that put you on the alert. But let's face it. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In these days and these times you have to be cautious. 

Coming up soon are some ideas and pointers recently published by our local police departments. Wait til you see what they have to say!
Things We Do
The things we do are amazing. Through the combined efforts of all The American Legion posts in Wisconsin, we have piled up some truly wonderful accomplishments. And we must remember that The American Legion consists of many Posts in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico and the Philippines. Together, we are great!

In Wisconsin:

  932 registered volunteers donated 42,869 hours at the VA and WDVA facilities over the past year.

  All of the posts together have donated 119,431 hours of community service.

  We made cash and in-kind donations in the amount of $279,521 to Americanism and Children and Youth Programs.

  We sponsored 239 baseball teams for $355,293.

  We invested $183,165 to Community Service Projects.

  2,990 of our members donated 6,604 pints of blood.

  We gave $210,120 in College Scholarships.

  1,420 veterans were placed in jobs with the assistance of The American Legion.

  4,152 Funeral Honors were provided by Post Honor Guards for Veterans & Military Personnel. Greendale Post 416 provides 135 to 150 Funeral Honors every year.

  We raised $30,493 for the Legacy Scholarship Fund. This fund goes to children of military parents who died in service to our country.

  $231,545 was invested in 865 Young Men at Badger State Boys, a program dedicated to teaching boys about American Citizenship and the workings of a democratic society. Some of these young men have gone on to become successful politicians and public servants.

  $62,603 was raised by local posts for VA and WDVA facilities. 

  We work with the homeless veterans, finding them places to stay, supplying food, picking up and delivering used refrigerators, stoves and furniture while they receive treatment for their PTSD and work to build themselves up as valued members of our society.

A big "Thank you" is graciously extended to all of these wonderful members of The American Legion who truly make a difference.
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The drawing will be held at 7:00 pm on Saturday, January 17th, 2015 at the Department Midwinter Conference at the Ho-Chunk Casino Hotel & Convention Center in Baraboo, Wisconsin. You need not be present to win.

Grand Prize: $20,000 Cash* or a 2015 Vehicle*
2nd Prize: $10,000 vehicle allowance from Boucher*
3rd Prize: $5,000 or a trip to Hawaii*
4th Prize: $2,500 or hunting rifle*
5th Prize: $1,000 or big screen TV*

* Subject to Federal Tax withholding. Some restrictions apply.

Our programs which assist veterans in Wisconsin are dependent on your donations. Your donation will help support our Rehabilitation Fund which provides funding for Camp American Legion, the State Service Office and our hospital programs. Although a donation is not required to enter or win the sweepstakes, we encourage you to support The American Legion by making a small donation.

We are asking for donations of $5 per entry, 6 entries for $20 and 12 entries for $30. Entry forms need to be returned as soon as possible, but no later than January 14th, 2015. Print your name, address, (or use a return address label) and phone number on each form. Please check with your local American Legion Post or contact Sandy Ryce at 608-745-1090 for entry forms. You may also contact Sandy at
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Thanks for your help! Give me a call if you have any questions.
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On that note, if anyone is interested in learning website design, etc., call me at 414-520-0538 or see me around the post. It's a great way to add to your repertoire of knowledge and ability and it's free. No one is too young or too old to learn it and it can really be a lot of fun if you have the right teacher. I'm the right teacher. Give me a call! Bob Naffier.
This Just In!
School Board Decision Met With Opposition!
Members of the  Veteran's Memorial Committee had to relocate their meeting on Monday from the Squad Bay, which accommodates only up to about 20 people, to the Auxiliary Meeting Room. Shortly after, they had to open a folding wall at the back of the room to allow the crowd to expand outward into the main hall. People were standing in the main hall for lack of available seating.

The Memorial Committee is made up of members of The American Legion, the VFW, local residents, and Greendale Trustees. They have been meeting every month for the past two years. Their purpose was to design, develop, plan and propose a veteran's memorial to be built in Greendale. Greendale is the only town in southeastern Wisconsin not to have a memorial to honor its veterans.

People came from miles around. The reason was to discuss the school board's decision to squash out any hopes of building a veteran's memorial on a remote piece of vacant school property. The spot was the most favorable, considering location, exposure, elevation, drainage and other important factors identified in a land survey. The remote parcel of land has been vacant for 75 years with no future plans for improvement. 

Greendale is known for its green space, which adds to the beauty of the town. The memorial was designed to enhance that beauty while taking up only 5% of the space. The memorial, along with its extremely wonderful landscaping, would have attracted visitors from all over and shown the rest of the world that Greendale can take care of its own when honoring its veterans.

At the committee meeting, residents from the community expressed anger at the fact that the school board had known all along which property was requested. In fact, the board asked the committee to conduct a feasibility study of the land and show them a design of the monument on it. The committee complied by putting all of this information together and presenting it to the board at the board's request. Then after all of the efforts and huge expenses, the three women denied the veterans of any rights to the land for building the monument. They should have been more honest up front rather than misleading the veterans and creating false hopes. Instead, they made major demands and placed undue hardship on the very veterans who had nothing but good on their mind for Greendale.  

One of the no voters said the monument lacked educational value and then, after being criticized, said that's not what she meant. What she meant, according to her, is that she voted no in the best interest of the students. That explanation was not good because people immediately interpreted that to mean veteran's memorials are harmful to students and/or they are a bad influence on them. Either way, her comments have given her a black eye not easily healed. People are now waiting to hear what she says next.  
Many people commented that they will go from door to door to get the other Greendale residents to consider a recall. They feel they are very patriotic and would love to see a memorial built on the now empty piece of land.

Another thing discussed was the Robert's Rules of Order used for conducting official meetings. The Rules state that a motion can be made to reconsider a previous decision if it is brought up at the next scheduled meeting. That meeting is coming up on Monday, October 27, 2014 at 7:00pm in the Library of the Greendale High School. It would be prudent for the three no voters to reconsider their position in hopes of salvaging all that they have done and can continue to do for this wonderful community. These meetings are open to the public.

Our hope for our school officials is that we work in harmony for the benefit of our children and for the benefit of our community and America.
Television reporter getting his story.
Some of the committee members.
People starting to show up.
Message #2:
Every now and then you hear a story from someone that goes right to the heart. The kind that reflects what is genuinely the feeling of America. This story is from a man who has special ties to Greendale, Wisconsin. He is not only proud of where he lives, but he is a man of integrity who has a deep appreciation and love for those who served. He is especially proud of his family who served and sacrificed so much; these are the people who made this country possible. 

As you read his message, you will come to know a man who deserves his own respect. He is a hero. He loves his country, and is not afraid to show it. He is not afraid to show how to honor those who have sacrificed so much for him and all people. He is the type of person who makes every veteran feel that their sacrifice was worth it. Because of this man and the many millions of people like him, veterans remain proud to serve their country and are honored to sacrifice their lives for those who truly appreciate it.  

So here is Tim Seipel. He is one voice. Thank you Tim! 
Former News!
From the Editor:
Right now activities are happening so fast and messages are coming in so rapidly that the best way to communicate them through this website is to give you a special link via the below messages. So below, please see the messages from Jay Chadwick who sits on the Memorial Committee and Tim Seipel, a concerned and very active citizen of Greendale. Thank you gentlemen for your input and extremely helpful information. 
Message #1:
We just received this message in the last hour from Jay Chadwick, Committee Member of the Greendale Veteran's Memorial Committee. It contains valuable information you must read now. Please press here for the full message. 
Thank you for your attention.
Bob Naffier on October 20, 2014
Matthew and Tim Seipel