Greendale American Legion Post 416
         5361 W Grange Avenue
     Greendale, Wisconsin 53129
Believe it or not, pretty soon the snow will fly. It seems that lately no matter where you look, everything seems to be in an uneasy mode. I came back from the Fall Conference with the hope of getting some funding for the Veterans Assistance Fund and Troop and Family Support. We'll see what happens. I see we appeared in the Badger Legionnaire with a Purple Heart presentation. Going on, I even made it to Green Lake to meet the National Auxiliary President, Diane Duschek. Next came the Fall Conference is at Post 416. Several notables appeared. A good night was had by all.

As for the Post, we are still waiting on the figures from the Lions Club to help close our books for the 4th of July and Village Days. Next year the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday. The Lions tentative schedule calls for Tuesday, Wednesday(4th all day?). Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the Village Days is still the same, the second week of August. The monies from these events goes to the building fund of the Post. I would expect more discussion and possible changes on all this.

On November 11th, we had the Veterans Day Parade with a muster of 9:00am down by the Hose Tower and a little walk down Broad Street and Southway, meeting under a tent for a little program. Monday, November 6th through the 11th was Veterans Week. On Friday night, the 10th, a ceremony took place in the Greendale Library, similar to last year, except no flag folding or taps.  We hope to have displays of the vet's organizations that meet in Greendale at Post 416 on display tables. This is always open to change. On December 6th we usually remember Pearl Harbor and the Vietnam Vets meet in other different locations. This year we won't be having the ceremony at the Post. Rather, members of the Post are encouraged to attend the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Milwaukee War Memorial at 7:00pm on Thursday, December 7th. The War Memorial Building is located downtown along Milwaukee's lake front.

The Greendale Veterans Memorial continues to move forward. One of the main concentrations has been on corporate donations. Several businesses have yet to respond. We'll keep plugging away as the end of the year is near. Keep your fingers crossed.

We've been remembering many vets who have unmet needs. Many of you continue to share what resources you have with those who have none. Thank you!

Before I forget, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We at Post 416 wish you a Merry Christmas, as one never knows what the next day will bring.

PS...For some of you who have nothing to do in your spare time, why not come down and help out? You might enjoy it.

Tim Baranzyk
Thank you for serving!