Saturday, July 22, 2017
The new fire station in Greendale went from ground breaking to dedication in just under three years. Today posed a big relief for both the fire fighters and Greendale police. The fire fighters lived and slept in the very police station that the new fire station is now connected to. Finally, the fire fighters are able to share one bed in each bedroom on a rotating basis for full coverage, 24/7. And for the first time ever, there are no poles. The station is arranged in a much safer way so the men can arrive at their engines without the risk of injury by sliding down a pole. And speaking of men, 2017 brings on the first ever woman fire fighter. She was at the dedication and she was well welcomed.

Much credit not only goes to the designers and builders, but also Sendiks Food Store who purchased the piece of property that the old fire department sat on. The purchase price of $2 million went a long way to making this project successful. And with that, it was an honor for The American Legion and VFW to participate in the dedication of this new, modern, and high-tech building. See the photos below.
The City of Greendale is extremely proud and honored to dedicate its newly-built fire station to its valued residents. It was an honor for The American Legion and VFW to participate in its dedication.
Thank you for serving!

Photos complements of Mary Zolandz, American Legion Unit 416 Historian