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The year is now 2016 and members of The American Legion and VFW in Greendale, Wisconsin made a very strong commitment to greatness. After years of critical planning, they have now begun the initial stages of erecting a Veterans Memorial in the Village of Greendale. Past, present and future veterans of the Village will be honored here. So will the veterans who are members of the American Legion and VFW located in Greendale. Some truly important facts about this dedication to our veterans has already made history. First, 89 year old Harold Krueger, member of the Greendale American Legion Post 416, hand drew several versions of the structure. Each piece was very intricately designed. He made small scale models for better visual appearance until one was finally accepted by the Greendale Veterans Memorial Committee. After working with the Village Board, the memorial now will find its place on a nearby plot of land where a passersby may see the pride and patriotic beauty of Greendale. It will include a sheltered kiosk containing a computer for visitors to look up and print out information about their friends and loved ones who are honored there. The area will be beautiful with complementing green space, shrubs and flowers. The village is known for its manicured appearance and plenty of pretty scenery. Visitors will soon add this to their list of stops when they come from miles around to enjoy the streets of old with antique street lamps, inviting little family-owned shops, restaurants and colorful flowers. We almost can't wait to see it all.  

A special thank you goes to the Greendale Veterans Memorial Committee for all their hard work. These committed individuals are constantly creating new memories and a legacy that will live on. This truly is history in the making.

89 year old Harold Krueger with a model display of his work presented during an important Veterans Memorial Committee meeting in 2015.
Thank you for serving!
History In The Making
Greendale Veterans Memorial
Harold Krueger passed away in September 2016. He left behind a great legacy for others to enjoy. We are his loving comrades. We will always remember him for his wonderful contributions and his kindness toward others. Thank you Harold! God bless you and may you rest in peace.
Thank you Harold!


Greendale Veterans Memorial Committee News

We now have raised $300,000.00 for construction of the Greendale Veterans Memorial, thanks to a very generous donation from the Krainz Foundation, as presented by Dale Martin.

The Greendale Veterans Memorial Committee continues to solicit monetary donations, and sells bricks, pavers and specialty items to cover increased construction costs. You do NOT need to be a resident or veteran to make a purchase or donation. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. We sincerely thank all who have supported this patriotic project.

It is our hope that groundbreaking will occur in the fall of 2018. Approval of construction plans by the Village of Greendale will take about 45 days. Advertising for bids, selecting the low bidder, and approval by the Board of Trustees will take another 30 days.

Visit our web site at or contact Tim Baranzyk (414-628-7081) or Bill Kewan (414-421-8920) for more information.
Read here what we published only two years ago on this web site. We've come a long way!