Greenfield High School JROTC Raises Funds - Sending Five Veterans to Washington DC on Honor Flight!

Every now and then you run across someone who does something extraordinary. They do completely unexpected and especially nice things for someone else. It can be anything from a small or thoughtful gesture to taking on a large project to support a good cause. When that happens, it’s time to applaud those who have extended their heartfelt kindness to other people.

Before I go on, I’d like to thank Tim Bellis, one of the officers at the Greendale American Post 416, for his lead on this truly wonderful story. I had a chance to talk to Lt Col Andrew Davis at the Greenfield High School Air Force JROTC. He also allowed me to interview two of his cadets on his Communications Team. They were Cadets, Alex and Emily and there is a third cadet on the team, Jacob. It was through these individuals and the rest of the JROTC at Greenfield High School that I felt privileged to write this story. We thank the entire organization for their kind service to veterans. They did an amazing job. Here’s the story.

A few years ago, the Air Force JROTC or Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps at Greenfield High School, came up with the idea to raise funds to send a veteran to Washington DC on the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. They needed to raise $500.00 to cover the cost. Before they knew it, they had raised $1500.00 for three veterans, which later became $2500.00 to send five veterans on this wonderful and patriotic journey of a lifetime. This achievement was made possible through the efforts of 100 JROTC cadets who joined forces with the 1100 students at Greenfield High School. The JROTC itself consists of members who attend the Franklin, Greenfield, Greendale, South Milwaukee, and Whitnall High Schools, making these schools important contributors to the cause. A wonderful job they did.

These extremely resourceful and dedicated young men and women set the stage for a huge success. Together, they tirelessly hosted various fundraisers to get the money together. One of the recent fundraisers was “Hat Day,” when they raised $1000.00 selling hats. According to Lt Col Andrew Davis, these students raised the bar on what an exceptional job is all about. While the idea for the project originated within another organization in Waterford, Wisconsin, one of the JROTC cadets asked, “why aren’t we doing that?” “Of course, the rest of the story is history,” said Lt Col Davis. “It’s a huge success made possible by really great young people who care!”

A Kind Deed in a World of Many Challenges
Tim Baranzyk said it correctly in this month's newsletter when he wrote, "It seems that lately no matter where you look, everything seems to be in an uneasy mode." When you hear the negative news going on in the world these days, it is a welcomed relief to know there are still good people who are willing to do great things. Add that to the fact that the people are high school students who view themselves as extremely important to a world that truly needs them, and you get a clearer picture of what’s really going on. For all of us who served in the military and to the many who lost their lives, these young people showed us that our service and sacrifice was really worth it. To a veteran looking at the Greenfield JROTC, we were glad we served.

A big "thank you" goes to all veterans who ever served our nation and to the wonderful students at Greenfield High School and the JROTC who have helped those veterans. You have done something more important than you know.

To all of our wonderful readers:
If you think the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight isn’t really that important, take a look at these photos. Watch the facial expressions and the body language of the people in them. Each photo tells a story, sometimes hidden and sometimes not.

Thank you for serving!
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