John Malan's Retirement
February 27, 2017
It was a bitter-sweet event that took place on a breezy Monday afternoon in February. Almost twenty members of the Firing Squad stood in full uniform just outside the west entrance of TMJ4 on Capitol Drive where John Malan was about to be surprised. It was prearranged for him to televise his weather report that day from out doors where we were gathered. Television cameramen were there to catch the whole thing on film for the news that evening. When John came through the exit, he was totally surprised to see so many fellow comrades giving honor to him for his services to the community, state, and nation. John served twice in Vietnam, first in a tank division and second, flying in helicopters. He became a member of The American Legion and more specifically he is a member of Greendale Post 416. He was given a Certificate of Appreciation from The American Legion and American Eagle award. I am certain he appreciated our being part of TMJ4's week-long retirement celebration.

We thank our photojournalist from Unit 416, Mary Zolandz, for her wonderful pictures. If anyone has more photos, especially of the Squadron Members in their full dress blues standing at "present Arms," please contact me. Also, don't forget our Historian, Todd Riegel. This is good stuff and we continue to make history and set an example for our future members in The Greendale American Legion Post 416!