Messages From The Web Guy
My name is Bob (not that we don't have enough Bobs in our Legion Post). If you call out my name at a meeting, 6 or 7 of us will answer. Anyway, I'm the guy you call on if you need something published on our website. Actually I am also looking for new articles relating to the Legion or the military. Don't be afraid! You don't have to worry about your wording or how to spell the words. I do all that for you plus more. It comes from my English minor. 

What's the cost for my services? Everything is free to the members of our post. Outside of that, I may entertain helping someone get started with a website for a fee. My fees vary depending on the extent of the work and time I have to put into the project. I like to think I'm reasonable.

Incidentally and not to repeat myself, did I mention that my services are free to American Legion Members of our Post. So that means you'll want to become a member for only $40.00 a year. That's all it is and boy, do you get the benefits not to mention an opportunity to meet some great people and make new friends. Our members like to share casual and/or in-depth stories about their military life experiences. Then again, some prefer not to talk about that subject at all and we recognize that as being permissible among comrades. We just care about you as a friend and a veteran. Check with our website by back-paging and learn about the "time of service" requirements. Your service dates have to coincide with the dates declared by our U.S. Congress as official war times. Your membership is based on when you served, not where you served, as long as you were honorably or medically discharged. We'll help you with your membership application and you'll be on your way.

Once again, and hopefully not to repeat myself anymore beyond this point, I can help you on the matter of starting up a website if you are a confirmed member of our Post. I'm really good at what I do and even better at teaching others to do the same. I can show you how elementary the process is. Besides, don't tell anybody, but you can make money on the internet doing what I do. I'm just reaching out to veterans. You served this great country of ours and offered to put your life on the line for it. Not everyone is made of that kind of moral strength. YOU have what it takes!

OK, change of subject. Here's the deal lately. I need for anyone who attends a military function and/or legion event to give me their story. Tell me your experience while attending the event, meeting, session, or whatever it is. I can interview you if you want or just accept whatever you've written down. I'm easy to please. We can do a video presentation or, if you are a bit camera shy, forget the video. Let's just go with the story. Here's an example: One of my neighbors where I live recently dropped off some catalogs at my door with a handwritten note stuck to them. It said, "Hi Bob. I was at a job fair for veterans today and found a bunch of these job catalogs. I thought you might be able to use them in the Legion. By the way, the place was packed. Thanks, John." When I looked at the catalogs, they were professionally made glossy, magazine-type, catalogs about the job fair and potential jobs that are out there for veterans. You can bet that I will take these to the post and put them out on the table at our front entrance. People going in and out of our Memorial Hall love to stop at that table and look at what's new. These books and anything else like them are exactly what I am looking for. The next time you are out and about and see something I could use, think BOB. 

Now back to working on this website. First, I apologize for not posting the last newsletter that was sent out to everyone on this website. I've been trying to post copies for reference and maybe to support our history. Let me know if you think the labor isn't worth it because it takes time and effort to scan in the pages and transfer them to the site.  ALSO, we have the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Milwaukee coming up tomorrow. With that, there are plenty of instructions that go with participating and I want to get this information out for anyone who might need it. If I can't attend the parade myself due to a recent hernia repair that is still sore, I would appreciate any photos that people can get. Send them to my email address at or give me a call at 414-520-0538. Leave me a message and don't forget to leave me a phone number if I don't answer. 

That's it right now. This thing has turned out to almost be a blog page. I'll try to keep my info updated from time to time so you have something new and hopefully interesting to read. Have a great Veterans Day on November 11. And don't forget the parade tomorrow morning - stepping off at 1100 hours. Thanks for serving!

Bob Naffier