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Greendale American Legion Post 416 - 6351 W. Grange Avenue, Greendale, WI 53129 Phone: 414-421-3371

This page was last updated: November 23, 2016
Auxiliary Executive Board

Shirley Meyer

Sherri Taylor
Post 416 Officers (2015-2016)

Commander:                                         Tim Baranzyk                             414-628-7081

1st Vice Commander:                          Bob Zolandz                               414-421-5394

2nd Vice Commander:                         Lyle Jackson                              414-578-7638         

3rd Vice Commander:                          Rick Barrington                          414-235-4485

4th Vice Commander:                          Tim Bellis                                   414-235-8345

Adjutant:                                               Dave Pier                                   414-217-6591

Assistant Adjutant:                              Rick Barrington                          414-235-4485

Judge Advocate:                                  Stan Pinkowski                          414-545-8449

Finance Officer:                                    Leo Taylor                                 414-421-4172

Service Officer:                                     Bob Roark                                 414-327-3987

Chaplain:                                               Doug Phillips                             414-421-1246

Historian:                                              Todd Riegel                              414-704-0459

Sergeant at Arms:                                Jerry White                                 414-545-8725

Sergeant at Arms:                                Dan Baker                                  414-421-2088

Firing Squad Captain:                          Bob Zolandz                              414-421-5394

1st Lt. Firing Squad                              Bob Vanselow                           414-282-1074

2nd Lt. Firing Squad                             Dan Baker                                 414-421-2088

Technology Support

Website Administrator:                                Bob Naffier                                   414-520-0538

Information Technology:                             David Ryba                                   414-312-7890 or 

Sons of The American Legion

Squadron Commander:                                Dave Bauer                                   414-326-0596

Adjutant:                                                        Jerry Meyers                                 414-421-8679
Unit 416 Auxiliary Officers (2015-2016)

President:                                                      Kathy Baranzyk                             414-928-0360

1st Vice President:                                        Laura Calteux                               414-379-2943

2nd Vice President:                                       Judy Ebert                                    414-248-1115

Secretary:                                                      Andrea Diamond                           352-792-5554

Treasurer:                                                      Kathy Zagar                                  262-786-4514

Poppy Treasurer:                                          Betty Unger                                   262-796-1592

Chaplain:                                                       Carrie Kleppin                               414-433-9462

Historian:                                                       Mary Zolandz                                414-421-5394

Sergeant At Arms:                                         Florence Groth                              414-282-6977

Asst. Sgt At Arms:                                         Jackie Tamsett                              414-651-7353
Thank you for serving!
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