Greendale American Legion Post 416 honors owner of Pallas Restaurant in Milwaukee
Thursday, January 11, 2018: It was around 7:00 that evening when 34 people from The American Legion Post 416 showed up for dinner at Pallas Restaurant on HWY 100. They also awarded the owner, George Clavas, with a beautiful crystal trophy and a Certificate of Appreciation. George was then recognized for his long-time dedication to veterans and helped us with our Veterans Memorial being built in Greendale. It's one of those rare moments when every face in the house was smiling. It doesn't get any better than this!

George, who previously owned the Bluemound Gardens Restaurant in Wauwatosa, sold that one to focus on his restaurant called "Pallas" at 1657 S. 108th Street in Milwaukee. We were happy that he could accommodate us and he was all smiles when we arrived. We are one organization with truly grateful members who appreciate the things George has done for veterans. We certainly could use more people like him in the world.

Here's a little side story in connection with our whole dining experience at Pallas. My wife and I had the event down wrong on our calendar and we showed up the day before. We were totally surprised, but since we were there, we decided to have a bite to eat. I had the patty melt sandwich and Barb had their corn beef and cabbage special, which is on the menu only once in a while. Nonetheless, our meals were outstanding! I mean, really outstanding and the waitress, Trina, was extremely friendly. We told her about our mistake in arriving a day early and that I was anxious to try the pork chops being served the next night. Trina was so excited and she could not say enough good things about my selection. She said to get ready for one of the most scrumptious pork chops ever. She said she might be our server and will look for us.

Well the next day came and back at the restaurant we were, this time with more than thirty great friends from the Post and everyone was hungry. Food was served and I have to tell you that I have never tasted such good pork chops in my life. Not only did they give me one piece of meat, they gave me two that were cut as thick as steaks and juicy on top of it. I was able to take one pork chop home with me for another great meal. 

Now I have visited a great many Greek restaurants in my life and my experience was pretty much that I received an overwhelming amount of food and that is was mostly bland. Not so at Pallas. The flavor simply knocked my socks off. I imagine the spice they used is made from some great family recipe only they know about and they'll never share it with me. But one thing is for certain...I will be back! Having eaten two great meals two days in a row is enough to make me tell you, "I'm sold."

 Perhaps you've heard the old adage that "word of mouth" is the best advertising. Well that's exactly what I am trying to do; pass the word along. George and his staff are culinary experts who know something about flavor. And by the way, if you want a fabulous desert, try their raspberry cheese cake even if you have to take it home. It is truly a delightful treat. This place has outdone all the other restaurants and you'll never be sorry. So that ends my story about screwing up my calendar; I'm glad I did. I also just want to say "thank you" to George for your support to veterans. There aren't that many people who go so far as to help a veteran like he does. He's definitely earned his wings!  

From Bob Naffier
Thank you for serving!
The background you see is actually muriel art on the restaurant walls.
Just a few of the legionnaires that were there.