The things we do are amazing. Through the combined efforts of all The American Legion posts in Wisconsin, we have piled up some truly wonderful accomplishments. And we must remember that The American Legion consists of many Posts in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico and the Philippines. Together, we are super great!

In Wisconsin:

    932 registered volunteers donated 42,869 hours at the VA and WDVA facilities over the past year.

    All of the posts together have donated 119,431 hours of community service.

    We made cash and in-kind donations in the amount of $279,521 to Americanism and Children and Youth Programs.

    We sponsored 239 baseball teams for $355,293.

    We invested $183,165 to Community Service Projects.

    2,990 of our members donated 6,604 pints of blood.

    We gave $210,120 in College Scholarships.

    1,420 veterans were placed in jobs with the assistance of The American Legion.

    4,152 Funeral Honors were provided by Post Honor Guards for Veterans & Military Personnel. Greendale Post 416 provides 90 to 100 Funeral Honors every year.

    We raised $30,493 for the Legacy Scholarship Fund. This fund goes to children of military parents who died in service to our country.

    $231,545 was invested in 865 Young Men at Badger State Boys, a program dedicated to teaching boys about American Citizenship and the workings of a democratic society. Some of these young men have gone on to become successful politicians and public servants.

    $62,603 was raised by local posts for VA and WDVA facilities. 

    We work with the homeless veterans, finding them places to stay, supplying food, picking up and delivering used refrigerators, stoves and furniture while they receive treatment for their PTSD and work to build themselves up as valued members of our society.

A big "Thank you" is graciously extended to all of these wonderful members of The American Legion who truly make a difference.
Things We Do