Proceeds donated to Camp American Legion!
A camp for wounded veterans.
Thanks for serving.
I've been waiting all summer for this ear of corn!
OK. Who are these cool looking characters...?
Fun in
the sun!
Who was that masked man?
Guess who came for dinner...
Cool sun glasses! Where'd you get em?
Seen a bus lately?
I'll direct the traffic!
I love meeting my friends here.
What do I do with these?
Seen a party around here?
The Sausage Fest this year is Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 2306 S Kinnickinnic Ave.
If you think summertime ain't no fun, try this out for size! The whole block is barricaded off to traffic in front of Café Centraal in Bay View, Wisconsin. Then the fun begins. Every year this event gets bigger and bigger and has so much going on. Proceeds go to Camp American Legion. Volunteers wanted. Reply to or call Dave Wischer at 414-429-2429 or just show up.
Hey! Pour me one too, will ya?
The Mascot!
Comment from one of the attendees:

I attended this last year and it was fantastic! You meet more people and have more fun than you can imagine. Here's what they do. They close off the street outside Café Centraal where they have live music, a great crowd and lots of fun. Put together some friendly people plus delicious beer and all-you-can-eat fresh grilled sausage and what do you get? A REALLY GOOD TIME!

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Noon to 8:00pm
Don't miss it
Sausage Fest!
Check out some of the pics from previous Sausage Fests. WOW! The folks there had a good time. It's time you get in on the action too. You can't beat it for only ten bucks! 

OK, so here it is...
Sausage Fest at its finest!

Hey...get out of the road!
Let the good times roll!
Some of our favorite beer.
Anyone know these people?
"One size fits all" Sausage Fest T-shirts
How many do you want, mister?
Smile! You're on Candid Camera!
Who? Me?
Step right up and get your hot sausage here...
I love this place!
These are by far the best volunteers you'll find anywhere. Thank you!
A few of the hard working ladies Auxiliary Members. Thank you for all you do!
Check these out!
Where's the finish line?

If you have questions regarding the noise permissions,
please contact Café Centraal at (414) 755-0378, or the Department of Neighborhood Services at (414) 286-3280.

He thinks there's a finish line?