Squad Bay Pictures
Thank you for serving!
This truly honorable picture was taken on location at site of our future
Greendale Veterans Memorial
2017 Veterans Day Parade in Downtown Milwaukee, WI
Mount Olivet Cemetery: Nov 22, 2017 - From left to right:
Steve Sahs, Tim Bellis, Mike Matusewic, Norb Miner, Dan Crass, Bob Clemen
Pearl Harbor Day: Dec 7, 2015 - From left to right:   Bob Naffier, Jim Cook, Tim Bellis, Mike Matusewic, Ron Sullivan, John Anderson, Dave Pier, Bob Roark, 
Bugler, Bob Vanselow
November 10, 2017  VA Hospital
American Legion Post 416 with VA Staff
Bob Clemen gets a new job, white gloves and all!
Veterans Day Parade 2017: From left to right:  Bob Clemen, Bob ZOLANDZ, Mike Matusewick,  Bob Vanselow, Doug Phillips
Somewhere in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2017   Over worked and under paid...ZZZ
Honor Flight 2017 at Milwaukee's Mitchell Field Airport...OooWee!
Greendale American Legion Post 416 Squad Bay From left to right:
Front row: Doug Phillips
Rear row: Jim Cook, Harold Kuehnel, Bob Zolandz, Dan Baker, Ron Sullivan
Greendale American Legion Post 416 Firing Squad  in dress blues and ready to go!
Hanging out in the Squad Bay in readiness for our next honor guard engagement. This is our way of relaxing and visiting before having to get serious about what we do.
Every one of these folks is a hero and a veteran still serving America!
Call this a cold day or a hot day, we like them both! From left to right, these wonderful veterans are: Bob Zolandz, Mike Matusewick, Theresa Buffington, Jim Cook, Bob Clemen. Happy Veterans Day!
Rain or shine Veterans Day Parade 2017:
From left to right: Bob Vanselow, Bob Clemen, Jerry Kassel, Bob Zolandz, Darrel Klotz,  
Don Mumford, Tim Baranzyk, Doug Phillips, Mike Matusewick
These pictures were borrowed from the walls of the Squad Bay where a bunch of us guys were sizing them up when someone said, "let's put these on the website for everyone to see! Why keep them a secret?" And so to all of our readers and all our fans, here are the real stories behind the Firing Squad. We present them to you in the form of pictures that tell it all. Please enjoy!
And so on with the rest of the pics...